Friday, September 26, 2008

Premiering Handmilled Emu Soaps

I am switching to handmilled (rebatched) cold process goatmilk and all vegetable oil soaps with added emu oil to further enrich the soap and add emu oil's famous healing powers to this luxurious and affordable soap with excellent lathering and moisturizing qualities. Right now I have 3.5 oz bars of Aussie Vanilla Dreams Goatmilk Emu soap and Aussie Pumpkin Patch Goatmilk Emu soap 4 oz bars all made in my soap goddess mold. Each of these bars are $1 an ounce plus $1 each to cover the extra labor involved in the handmilling process and the cost of the emu oil. Send inquiries or ask about custom scents at 2 Virgos Designs Etsy Shop.

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