Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd Miracle from Modest Needs!

This is so absolutely unblievable but it has happened! Modest Needs, and their wonderful donors, have paid my furbaby Primo's end care vet bill! I almost didn't dare to hope this would happen and it did! I encourage anyone who is needy and in a jam to try to get help from Modest Needs and anyone wanting to find a worthy cause that actually works to donate to Modest Needs! I have never had anything like this happen before and it is proof that here are miracles in life...even for old "dogs" like me. While it cannot ease the grief I feel for my loss of my baby Primo, it has made a tough situation better and rewarded the vet who so kindly and valiantly tried to save Primo's life with little money up front from me.

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2nd Application to Modest Needs Approved

My 2nd (and final) application to Modest Needs was approved to get help in paying my end care vet bill for Primo. Now I have to wait and see if enough donors will contribute to my cause. I haave one third the donations necessary to pay the bill. Getting this help will take a huge burden off my back and repaying the vet will help to ensure that when another needy person requires emergency care for their beloved pet the vet will be inspired to ehlp them.

This is not only a worthy charity it actually helps. I encourage you to donate to this valuable cause.

The problem with Palm Oil

Little did I know there was a problem with palm oil, for more info click here and learn. It does well to do extensive research into the sustainability of the ingredeints we use in our products. Because of this info I will try to avoid the use of palm oil.

Essential Oils for Arthritis

Right now I am doing extensive research into essential and carrier oils and botanicals useful in easing pain from arthritis. Here's what I've found: tamanu oil, helichrysum essential oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedarwood, lavender, benzoin, nutmeg, yarrow, clove bud, sage dalmatian, juniper, cypress, rosemary, emu oil, black pepper, German & Roman chamomile, ginger and marjoram. All of these oils and botanicals need careful research into their safety, for instance tamanu oil is a nut oil and must be avoided by those with nut allergies, quite a few people. Emu oil is an animal byproduct and Vegans won't like it. I am NOT a Vegan, follow my Native American traditions in that I believe the whole animal/plant is to be used wisely. I will be testing and developing both a Vegan product and a non-Vegan natural prodct that can be used by those who suffer so from arthritis.I will be investing in a small portion of emu and tamanu oils, they are costly but a little goes a long way, and adding one or two of the other essential oils, helichrysum and maybe lavender and benzoin or chamomile. I use cedarwood a lot and i have noticed it helps my pruitis (extreme itchies) and my joint, bone and skin pain seems less and lasts for quite a while after I take my hot bath when I use it in combination with either lavender or patchouli. I will make a milk bath using them so it will only be a total of about 8 drops of the blend being used in the bath at a time for safety. I will also make a dilute ointment usng grapeseed oil as the carrier base. I will report on my success or not after I test these mixtures. It's going to take me a while. I have my eye on adding it to soap and making milk baths for resale.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Modest Needs foundation

On July 22 my beloved Maltese rescue, Primo, passed away from liver failure due to heartworms. although he tested negative last year for them he certainly was infected with them and we Had no warning that anything was wrong with him until 3 days before he died. I have been decimated with grief and guilt. I already had one huge vet bill from last year when Primo fell ill and we discovered pus coming from every one of his teeth. His previous owners had never even brushed his teeth.

I applied for a grant from Modest Needs, a charity organization for emergency bills for those who are needy. I was granted this donation today and I am so grateful! Please check out Modest Needs and give your support, even $10 will go along way to help those in great need. If you know somweone who ahs an emergency bill and needs help have them check out Modest Needs, they may be able to help.

I have never used heartworm preventative but you can be sure I will faithfully in the future. I miss Primo terribly.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pagan Pride Show Report August 2008

I did great at this show making 4 times my booth rental ($35). Told to expect 500 people or so this is what came, and they came with discerning eyes, open pocketbooks, and knowledge about what they appreciated. A totally pleasant experience. Blows everyone's theory that the reason the July Shop Till You Drop did so badly was because of the economy, NOT! The only things I did not sell were my lotions and shower gels, will not invest any more money in developing them until I get requests for them. My soaps, sachets, dream pillows, milk baths, and even gift baskets did well.

My First Show Report: shop till you drop July 2008!

This show was a complete flop. I didn't even make half my booth rental back which was $125. Instead of of the 2000 visitors told to expect, only about 500 came through in the 2 days of the show. Instead of being an Arts & Crafts show, there was a majority of junk and commercial interests there, including but not limited to Tupperware and Avon! This makes it a flea market not an arts & crafts show and draws a completely different crowd, one looking for bargains and junk, not discerning people looking for quality, handmade arts & crafts. I've been to this particular show before and the crowd has almost disappeared. I thin k another reason it did so bad is that July is the month before school starts and right after vacations and this year due to gas prices people did not have the money to spend on arts & crafts (what little there was at my show). I did twice as good as the other handcrafted soap lady, but her soaps were the highly decorative layered and embeds, my soaps are functional concentrating on aromatherapy. I have hopes of going to the September show, gods, I hope it is better, and definitely will be attending the Mistletoe November blow out. surely I will do well at this show. If I Had a dollar for everyone who raved about my soaps and the beauty of my displays I would have made $500!