Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm in a Treasury

What an honor! My Moonlight Sonata Hand Milled Soap with Emu Oil has been featured in a fabuluous fall colors treasury created by ChickaDeesigns on Etsy. ChickaDeesigns handcrafts the loveliest resin pendants and fridge magnets. Thank you for adding me to your beautiful and colorful treasury CheckaDeesigns!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review of 2 Virgos Designs' Soy Wax Lotion Tarts

Patrice of The Soap Seduction has written anice review of my Soy Wax Lotion Tarts on her blog. Patrice handcrafts wonderful cold process soap and make up, like the Lip Lush Trio I got from her, which is really nice. Check out her nice blog and her ArtFire shop, get some holiday shopping done! Thank you Patrice!

Shout Out for WoodenLove Affair

A friend of mine, Kathi Lozier and her husband Lou of WoodenLoveAffair and on Etsy had a nice interview written on them by HandMadeNews on ArtFire and they kindly mentioned me and my shop, 2 Virgos Designs, as one of the favorite shops. Kathi and Lou handcraft exquisite pieces rangin from jewelry to boxes from wood, often using exotic woods. Their work is incredible and I urge you to go on over to either of their shops and check them out. Their pieces make unique and beautiful gifts, and just in time for the holidays! Thank you Lou and Kathi for the Shout Out!

Home from the Hospital

I had to go into the hospital last week for 5 days for observation and testing for my blood pressure problems. Things checked out Ok there and the doctor put me on a strict dosing schedule with my meds and a strict low sodium/diabetic diet and I got home 2 days ago. Boy, did I miss Blossom, my dog and my pc! It was so good to get home. I stayed at Doctors Hospital in Shreveport, it has been partially closed down for several years with just a wing open for drug rehab but is now open and accepting patients and that is where my doctor works out of now. It was very clean, the food was good, and staff wonderful, a pleasant stay for a hospital but there is no place like home! I feel better and my blood pressure while still getting a little high is much more stable. I had an abdominal ultrasound day before yesterday and we will be comparing it to my tests done in 2005 which showed the right side of my liver enlarged and deformed. If it has gotten worse, that will explin the sudden changes in my blood pressure. There won't be anything we cn do about it, but it will be an answer. My biggest challenges: this new diet and the strict time table for my medicines. I know I can do it though, I want to be as healthy as I can be and it is up to me in a large way.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feathered Friends Mementos Review of My Soy Wax Lotion Tarts

jix1764 of Feathered Friends Mementos blog has cast her vote and written a nice, thorough review of my soy wax lotion tarts. Thanks Heather!

Take it to the bank 24 K mineral eyeshadow

I just had the privilege of getting some 24 K gold mineral eyeshadow from Mum Mum's Craft's on Etsy. Lucy has done a suberb job at making a wonderful, soft, smooth, adhering true to color that lasts and lasts gold eye shadow. Gold is my fav color along with black of course, so I wear this all the time. This eye shadow came in a cute 10 gram sifter jar which is quite a lot of eye shadow, it will last for some time. The ingredients are: mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium myristate, kaolin. I am picky about my gold eye shadow, this is true gold and quite lovely. If you need some high quality mineral make up, hurry on over to Mum Mum's Crafts and check her out, she has many colors of eye shadow, lip color, mascara and other goodies that she makes herself. Lucy puts quite a bit of time and effort into making premium quality mineral make up. Thanks Lucy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Soapie Direction: Vegan

I have noted some people are asking about my emu oil and indicating they would prefer not to have it in the soap and soy tarts. I have been wanting to offer a Vegan line but to be perfectly honest, emu oil is spectacular snd provides benefits that really can't be matched. There is no comparison. But last week I took a custom order for 2 pounds of Vegan hand milled soap and after quite a bit of research I am taking out the emu oil and adding evening primrose oil and mango butter to it. I cannot add much evening primrose oil to the soap so we will see what the customer thinks of it after she uses it. When I pour and cut up this batch of Mamere's Vegan Punkin' Pie Soap I will post a picture of it here. I will make some soy lotion tarts with almond oil which is nothing more than just a vegetable oil with no special properties and a touch of evening primrose oil and see how they test out. The tarts with emu oil will be a hard act to follow, feedback is awesome for them, they are simply better than any lotion tried and the skin moisturizing lasts for hours, far better than the best lotion.