Friday, February 13, 2009

3 D Collectible Chinese Shar Pei soap dog

Primos Pawtourage's newest addition! Just got my new 3 D Chinese Shar Pei soap dog mold in and have orders all ready! I am learning new technques with this one, dry brushing handpainted details, lots of detail since the Shar Pei is so heavily wrinkled. Getting the fawn color is challenging. the Shar Pei is an ancient dog breed, not as popular as once before, but still beloved by its fans. Statues from the Han dynasty date back to 200 BC. "Shar Pei" in Chinese means "sand skin" and they are a medium sized muscular dog weighing 45-60 pounds and extremely devoted to their family, somewhat standoffish towards strangers. Quite an interesting breed of dog and striking in appearance! Any dog lover and Shar Pei fan would love this 3.8 ounce collectible soap dog. It comes in fawn (beige), variation in color due to individual casting and handpainting detail. You can buy him here. He is about 3X # X3 X3" in size and comes varnished to protect him from moisture. Taking orders on the 3 D dog now! Primo gives his stamp of approval and Blossom just loves him! Proceeds fund my rescue of puppymill survivor Blossom.

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