Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Swap!

This April I participated in a sweet swap with Audrey'sCountryCrafts on Etsy. I swapped my handcrafted soaps to get her teal raggedy bag, handmade by her out of cotton homespun material. This good sized bag is lovingly stitched using an "X" pattern and lined with cotton batting with 2 pockets on the inside. It is large enough to hold my medical files when I go to my doctor appointments and this is great! Gorgeous and functional! Beautiful work, Audrey, I am most proud of my bag and would jump at the chance to do another trade with you. Anyone wanting something unique and handmade should rush to Audrey's Etsy store and check her out, you won't be disappointed.


Audrey said...

Thanks so much!! Glad you are enjoying the bag - I love my soap!!

jinx1764 said...

Great bag! I love bags, have tons of them.
What's CDT? Nothing comes to mind but then right now my brain is turning into pudding.
Yeah, nausea sucks, I rather be bleeding then constant nausea. I was nauseated with every pregnancy, too. You get to the point that even the thought of crackers makes you want to vomit.
Hey, The Ginger make this really great ginger hard candy that helps with nausea, I used it a lot during my pregnancies. Have you tried them?