Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Naturally Fresh

August 3 Melanie McCullough of Herbal Natures in Bradford, Illinois sent me a sample of her delightful Natural Deodorant. I am really impressed with this all natural alternative to the chemical full deodorants I purchase at the store. This came superbly and professionally packaged in a pop up deodorant tube, a generous 1.25 ounce sample. It is made with Arrowroot Powder, coconut oil, castor oil, Meadowfoam oil, candelelilla, silica, zinc oxide, and lightly scented with essential oils, Floral Fantasy. Melanie has really done her home work and come up with a wonderful product that works well! It completely stopped any under arm odor all day in the dank high heat of Louisiana and was scented light enough to not interfere with my own cologne. This deodorant is just the right consistency, not too soft and this sample will last me a while. I have hepatitis c and blood cancer so am extremely sensitive to heavy metals like the aluminum used in store bought deodorants. Finding a healthy alternative like this that works so well has made my day! This Natural Deodorant is the ticket for anyone wanting to use a safer, healthier deodorant. She will be adding this to her line up in the near future, if you would like to try this, email her, she has a few on hand. Also, feel free to check out her other wonderful natural products, like her mineral make up and linen spray. Thank you Melanie!

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