Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Primos Pawtourage Project!

After a year of thinking about it, I finally launched Primo's Pawtourage's newest and most awesome project: a dog breed specific high end doggie gift bag! The dog breed is the Maltese, we will see where it takes us! One bag will be a donation for the American Maltese Association's rescue raffle at their dog show in May 2010, something dear to my heart, as my Maltese Blossom is a rescued puppymill survivor! We will also be launching a retail verison of the same bag! I canvassed for contributing artisans from Etsy and there are now 7 of us involved in the project! Everyone is really enthusiastic and excited, this is so cool! Even if we don't sell one bag we will have had fun and helped out with Maltese rescue! Here is what we have so far: an applique tote bag to hold it all, an embroidered mess bag and towel, a key chain, a placemat, an Eco toy, scrumptious dog treats, a bar of my hand milled dog soap with emu oil, a bar of paw print soap, a 3D Maltese soap dog, and a cool Maltese designed t shirts! This tote bag better be big! I am looking into advertising with Maltese Monthly to get our retail bag off the ground and on the market. I will also offer it through my Etsy shop. We'll be looking at other promotional avenues too. I am so stoked about this project, and to be working with such a cool group of people is awesome! To think: one little 5 pound dog started me on this road! Thank you my dearly beloved Primo. I miss you.

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