Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cinnamon Cardamom Soap Test Results

This soap is luxurious and made my skin very soft and smelling subtly of cardamom and cinnamon. I used goatsmilk soap base for the extra moisturizing it provides. There was an mild exfoliation from the cinnamon powder suspended in the soap. I did learn I am the worst person to use this soap recipe, cardamom must be avoided by those with high blood pressure. Apparently it can raise blood pressure. I'm happy to report it did not do this to me but if I bathed in it every day it might, so I won't. The cinnamon didn't bother me either, and I have fairly sensitive skin with skin breaks. Cinnamon can irritate sensitive skin and cannot be used by pregnant women. There was a lot of cinnamon in my test bar and it did not burn or scratch me. Others may be more sensitive than I. If you know you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have sensitive skin, avoid using Cinnamon Cardamom soap.


Paul Sears Photography said...

Wow cool - I've been surfing a lot of blogs looking at people's arts and crafts for inspiration. So you make soaps? That's cool! Do you sell them anywhere?

2 Virgos Designs said...

Yes, I ahndcraft soaps and matching bath and personal care products. I enjoy it so much, my house smells wonderful, my skin is soft, and it is fun! I have a website that I'm just now designing,

Stop by and check me out! Will be updating it today with beter pictures of my colognes and lotion.