Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My First Show!

I'm in full swing getting ready for my first ever arts & craft show, the Shop Til You Drop Arts & Craft Show being held July 19 - 20 at the Bossier Civic Center here in Bossier City, LA. I am offering 3 lines of handcrafted soap, Lavender Dreams Goatmilk soap, Black Knight and Witches Brew glycerin soap, with matching handcrafted lotions, milk baths, shower gel, dry colognes, and handdipped incense. I'm also offering gift baskets and dream pillows with a lavender chamomile rosemary flowers blend in them. The booths are real expensive at the Shop Til You Drop show, but Volunteers of America and Shreveport Mental Health helped me pay for it. Isn't that real nice of them? I live in a HUD/Disabled community ran by Volunteers of America and in conjunction with my mental health counselor was able to offer me financial aid for my project as part of my mental health treatment. I have Major Depressive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so I have a tendency to remain home isolated all the time and that's not healthy for me. This show is a BIG thing for me. I avoid new places especially big places full of strangers, so this will stretch my limitations in many ways. I have a good friend who is going with me so I will have support. This is a very good healthy thing for me. And I get to be creative! Love it!


Michelle said...

How did the show go for you? I hope it went well and was everything you hoped for!

2 Virgos Designs said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting my blog. I hate to say it but the show was a disaster! I didn't even make my booth rental money back. It wasn't personal everybody did poorly, many did not make their booth rental back. Some vendors are not even coming back. My products are well received, it was a bad month since everybody's buying back to school stuff and trying to go on vacation, but I really needed that money to pay on my vet bill of $500 and now my poor Maltese is very ill and needs to go to the vet. They will not let me bill it and I must try to not only borrow the money to pay the vet but try and get a ride there before my dog dies. I made $60 that's it and if I had a dollar for eveyone who went by my booth and commented on how wonderful it smelled and how beautiful the presentation was I would have made the vet bill money! I am going to try and get funding for the September Shop till You Drop show and the November blowout, if I can get funding for the booth rental I will go. I have another one to go to August 1 but it typically only draws 500 people and is a church event so I believe I will be lucky to make $50. I have over $900 in retail goods to sell. Thanks again!