Saturday, June 13, 2009

NEWSFLASH! Greening up My Line

I am now offering my glycerin soaps in all natural pure soap base, the only chemicals in this true soap is the lye used to make all soap and the fragrances and FD & C colors I may add. Melt and pour glycerin soaps are not true soap, they are chemical stews, even the premium glycerin soap base I was using had them in it. Old fashioned glycerin soap is not even SOAP it is classified as a cosmetic by the FDA. It bothered me, I did keep the chemicals to a minimum but I have searched high and low in order to offer a better product that is safer and healthier to use. My NEW natural glycerin soap does not have these chemicals in it. It is true soap, pure and simple. Classified as SOAP by the FDA. The only chemicals will be the little bit of fragrance oils and colorings I add to some of them. I will be updating my sites to show this new greening of my soaps. I am proud to offer this vast improvement in my products, your skin will love it, and I will be able to do it without raising my prices much at all. Remember, it is the synthetic petrochemicals our skin hate, this new soap will be far kinder to your skin. It is a superior product and still affordable. Be kinder to your skin and body, use pure soap!

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