Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My First Show Report: shop till you drop July 2008!

This show was a complete flop. I didn't even make half my booth rental back which was $125. Instead of of the 2000 visitors told to expect, only about 500 came through in the 2 days of the show. Instead of being an Arts & Crafts show, there was a majority of junk and commercial interests there, including but not limited to Tupperware and Avon! This makes it a flea market not an arts & crafts show and draws a completely different crowd, one looking for bargains and junk, not discerning people looking for quality, handmade arts & crafts. I've been to this particular show before and the crowd has almost disappeared. I thin k another reason it did so bad is that July is the month before school starts and right after vacations and this year due to gas prices people did not have the money to spend on arts & crafts (what little there was at my show). I did twice as good as the other handcrafted soap lady, but her soaps were the highly decorative layered and embeds, my soaps are functional concentrating on aromatherapy. I have hopes of going to the September show, gods, I hope it is better, and definitely will be attending the Mistletoe November blow out. surely I will do well at this show. If I Had a dollar for everyone who raved about my soaps and the beauty of my displays I would have made $500!

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