Sunday, August 17, 2008

Essential Oils for Arthritis

Right now I am doing extensive research into essential and carrier oils and botanicals useful in easing pain from arthritis. Here's what I've found: tamanu oil, helichrysum essential oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedarwood, lavender, benzoin, nutmeg, yarrow, clove bud, sage dalmatian, juniper, cypress, rosemary, emu oil, black pepper, German & Roman chamomile, ginger and marjoram. All of these oils and botanicals need careful research into their safety, for instance tamanu oil is a nut oil and must be avoided by those with nut allergies, quite a few people. Emu oil is an animal byproduct and Vegans won't like it. I am NOT a Vegan, follow my Native American traditions in that I believe the whole animal/plant is to be used wisely. I will be testing and developing both a Vegan product and a non-Vegan natural prodct that can be used by those who suffer so from arthritis.I will be investing in a small portion of emu and tamanu oils, they are costly but a little goes a long way, and adding one or two of the other essential oils, helichrysum and maybe lavender and benzoin or chamomile. I use cedarwood a lot and i have noticed it helps my pruitis (extreme itchies) and my joint, bone and skin pain seems less and lasts for quite a while after I take my hot bath when I use it in combination with either lavender or patchouli. I will make a milk bath using them so it will only be a total of about 8 drops of the blend being used in the bath at a time for safety. I will also make a dilute ointment usng grapeseed oil as the carrier base. I will report on my success or not after I test these mixtures. It's going to take me a while. I have my eye on adding it to soap and making milk baths for resale.

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