Friday, August 8, 2008

Modest Needs foundation

On July 22 my beloved Maltese rescue, Primo, passed away from liver failure due to heartworms. although he tested negative last year for them he certainly was infected with them and we Had no warning that anything was wrong with him until 3 days before he died. I have been decimated with grief and guilt. I already had one huge vet bill from last year when Primo fell ill and we discovered pus coming from every one of his teeth. His previous owners had never even brushed his teeth.

I applied for a grant from Modest Needs, a charity organization for emergency bills for those who are needy. I was granted this donation today and I am so grateful! Please check out Modest Needs and give your support, even $10 will go along way to help those in great need. If you know somweone who ahs an emergency bill and needs help have them check out Modest Needs, they may be able to help.

I have never used heartworm preventative but you can be sure I will faithfully in the future. I miss Primo terribly.


Anne-Marie said...

Wow, what a great non-profit organization. I've never heard of them. I'll definitely check them out.

2 Virgos Designs said...

Hi Anne-Marie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I was delightfully surprised and grateful that Modest Needs helped me out. I am on SSI and my biz hasn't got to the point where I see any real profit (in time, I'm sure and hopeful). I know they help with emergency car repairs and sometimes with utility bills but I just took a chance on this huge (to me) vet bill. Now after I finish paying off the last vet bill I can start saving up to rescue another little Maltese. I figure it will take selling 48 bars of soap, then I'll have the money for the doggie. It's going to take a while.