Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blossom Week One

Blossom is a 6 year old purebred Maltese, who has just come from living 8 months at a blessed rescuers home with 13 other dogs. Deborah entrusted me with Blossom (thank you Deborah!) and I am honored. After one week of bouncing back and forth between my home and my mother's Blossom is doing as well as she could be expected. She misses the wee wee pads most of the time, ate her feces or tried to once, sleeps like an angel on my bed with me never making a mess, raced throughout the house nonstop for 3days then she toned it down to a trot and walk and now relaxes in the living room with me watching tv when we are not on my bed. she does not know what treats are. She does not know what going outside means. she is a lovely dog and deserves the chance at living a happy bonded life (hopefully) with a kind human (me). Her only purpose in life for 5 years was living in a tiny cage 24/7 and having puppies. Human touch hurt. she was not fed enough. I figure she made her captors at least $6000 in puppies. Then was discarded when she got an anal sac infection or got too old to breed (puppymillers do not spend money on their dogs). PLEASE buy your puppies ONLY from reputable breeders check them out! Don't buy from Petland! Are their puppies raised in a loving home environment with good health care and kind treatment? If you have TONS of patience, are kind, and have TIME consider adopting a puppymill dog from a reputable rescuer. Undo the harm that has been done in humanity's name. give a good dog a loving safe home but realize this dog may never be a huggable lap dog, they have issues, you would too if you were kept in a tiny cage for years. I love Blossom and I know in time, she will love me back the best way she can.

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