Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ramblings & Blossom

This is Blossom right after she throw up on my Mom's expensive sofa, see the SMUG look on her face!

After a hellish week at my mom's caretaking her post surgery I cam home and have the most miserable Xmas I ahv ever ahd, me and a can of Dinty Moore beef stew, yuck, I have never spent this favorite holiday home alone with no feast, glad it is over. I came home to check my stores and email and mom doesn't like blossom since she is not perfectly housetrained (she's a puppymill dog, of course she is not) and boy, was I glad to be home even if I didn't have any food. Blossom has plenty of good food, usual for me, my pets are always eating good. Wait till I start coking for her, she will probably stop eating dog food.

Blossom after 2 weeks with me: she no longer quakes when I pet her, she comes to me almsot evey time and lets me pet her, hates and loves having her neck scratched, I am sure she has been violently grabbed there in ther past eyars the puppymill, she jumps but oh loves it so much. I am seducing her with kindess. I see lapdog in the making!

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