Friday, December 19, 2008

late intro/my HCV

I was dx'd in '98, 1A biopsy in 2005 Stage 3, Level 3, failed 48 week tx ifn/combo in 2005 at week 10, it almost killed me but put my blood cancer in remission for a year, which was wonderful! My symptoms are pretty severe, extreme pruitis, even my eyeballs itch maddeningly, scarred everywhere form scratching, drugs help very little and make my liver hurt more, bad liver pain much of the time, severe chronic joint, bone, and muscle pain, long migraines, high blood pressure, sugar problems, kidney stones, lost gallbladder last year, nauseau all the time, more and more meds I cannot take, no NSAIDS except tylenol products and even they are bothering me. I stay busy and try to keep a positive mind set by soaping, visiting my disabled friends and online friends and playing with my rescue dog, blossom. I got my HCV the usual way, either drugs or sex. also got hep b but my body fought it off naturally, hep c got me though.

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