Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Soapie Direction: Vegan

I have noted some people are asking about my emu oil and indicating they would prefer not to have it in the soap and soy tarts. I have been wanting to offer a Vegan line but to be perfectly honest, emu oil is spectacular snd provides benefits that really can't be matched. There is no comparison. But last week I took a custom order for 2 pounds of Vegan hand milled soap and after quite a bit of research I am taking out the emu oil and adding evening primrose oil and mango butter to it. I cannot add much evening primrose oil to the soap so we will see what the customer thinks of it after she uses it. When I pour and cut up this batch of Mamere's Vegan Punkin' Pie Soap I will post a picture of it here. I will make some soy lotion tarts with almond oil which is nothing more than just a vegetable oil with no special properties and a touch of evening primrose oil and see how they test out. The tarts with emu oil will be a hard act to follow, feedback is awesome for them, they are simply better than any lotion tried and the skin moisturizing lasts for hours, far better than the best lotion.

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