Saturday, February 20, 2010

Primo's Pawtourage doggie gift bag project

My Primo's Pawtourage line, dog themed products, is working on an incredible collective project, currently a Maltese doggie gift bag! Including me, there are 8 wonderful Etsy artisans involved in the project. Our goal? To make a high end custom designed gift bag for dog lovers in general and Maltese lovers specifically. I will begin to feature each of the artisans involved with a pic of their submitted work for the bag. Our first project is to be donated to the American Maltese Association Rescue Raffle being held at the National Specialty in May in Atlanta. we are all verye xcited to be working on this project together. For me, this is a first, to be working in unison with other artisans, and it is challenging and fun! Mainly working with creative juices and time constraints are a challenge but I am loving every minute of it and must give full credit to all the other artisans for making this such a wonderful experience.

Here is who is involved currently:

Monique of Mischyfpaws
Megan of RueDesign
Rachel of a Time To Heal
Stacey Lange of Inkwear
Diana Ledesma of Designs by CATALINA
Lisa of Mias Munchies
Leann Terrill of Terrills Tiles
Jackie Sample, Primo's Pawtourage

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