Sunday, February 21, 2010

Primo's Pawtourage

You'll be hearing quite a bit about Primo's Pawtourage on here now so I thought I would let you know what it is all about. Primo's Pawtourage is the dog themed products line of my main store. In December I formed a collective called Primo's Pawtourage and since then we have become an official Etsy Team collective and I have separated Primo's Pawtourage from 2 Virgos Designs and gave it its own storefront on Etsy. Our main product will be doggie themed gift bags, our first featuring the Maltese dog. There are 8 Etsians contributing handcrafted goods custom made for this project including me. This is an exciting venture and one prong of this project will be a donated gift bag going to the American Maltese Association's Rescue Raffle in May in Atlanta, Georgia. Since we have more products than can fit in one bag, we will alternate the items giving the retail version an air of some mystery and surprise for its buyers. This is a high end gift bag aimed towards the collectors of specific dog breeds memorabilia. Chock full of unique and beautiful custom made work, it will be sure to surprise and please!


Hali said...

I am follower # 111. hehe all 1's. cool huh?

you must be a animal lover, we need more animal lovers in the world.

2 Virgos Designs said...

HI Hali! yep, we sure do need more!