Sunday, February 28, 2010

Artisan Interview - Stacey Lange - Inkwear

This is the 4th in our series of artisan interviews of the members of Primo's Pawtourage Etsy Team! Let's take a peek into the world of Stacey Lange, Inkwear.

  1. I understand this is a family business. How did you all get started crafting together? My stepdaughter, Natalie who is 13, wants to be a fashion designer when she gets older. She wanted to design some shirts. My husband, Eric had done some screen printing in high school and remembered some of the details. We decided to get the equipment and design some shirts. We then thought we could do tote bags also. The shoe idea just came to us, as they are canvas and we realized that we could put art on shoes.

  2. What inspires you in crafting? We own a tattoo shop and realize that they aren’t for everyone. However, most people are very curious about them and like them, they just wouldn’t get one themselves. Most of our orders are custom designed for what the client wants.

  3. What is something you have learned in your business that you would like to share with us? We learn something new every day. The tough part is designing things that we think people will like. We have come up with so many different designs. The best part is designing an item and having the client love it.

  4. Stacey, you are currently involved with creating silk screened t shirts for Primo’s Pawtourage doggie gift bags. You are doing a Maltese dog design right now. What dog breed would you like to do in the future? We would like to do Sled Dog. They are amazing animals. Although we would love to do any and all dog types. We also have some horse designs that we have come up with but just haven’t put them on a shirt yet.

  5. Do you share your home with dogs or other pets, if so, what kind and tell us about them. We have an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie named Boozer. I know, that is a funny name, but she looks like God was drunk when he made her. She is black, brown, white and grey. She has been a great dog and so good with the kids. She is such a part of our family.

  6. Where would you like to be in 5 years with your crafting business? We would like to be doing this full time and actually making money doing the craft that we enjoy.

  7. Tell us a little about you…how many children do you have, favorite things to do when you are not working? My name is Stacey Lange and am married to Eric Lange. We have been married for 5 years in April. My son, Philip, 13 is the light of my life. Eric has two children, Drew, 14 and Natalie 13. All the kids get along very well and are such a joy. I grew up in the Denver area and still live here. Colorado is a great place to raise children. I work full time as a Comtroller at an Automotive dealership, we own a tattoo shop, we have INkwear and in my “spare” time I am a mom and a wife. Not much free time but I truly love what I do.

  8. One of Primo’s Pawtourage projects is a donated bag to the American Maltese Association Rescue Raffle at their National Specialty in May in Atlanta. Have you done other charity work? Would you like Primo’s Pawtourage to contribute to other dog breed rescue efforts? We just did 10 pairs of shoes for a lady, Sheri Rossi that was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November. She has been going through Chemo and so far is a survivor. We donated 2 pairs of shoes to the benefit and also a gift certificate from the tattoo shop. The turnout for the benefit was overwhelming. I think the Maltese Rescue is such a great cause. I really wish we could help out all dogs and animals that are in need. They really deserve a better life.

Thank for allowing us a glimpse inside your life, Stacey! Best wishes to you, your family, and all your endeavors! Thank you for being a part of Primo's Pawtourage.


Anne-Marie said...

I love the fact that Stacey has a goal to be working on her business full time (profitably) within 5 years. Making goals is such a big deal to having long term success. Go Stacey! =)

2 Virgos Designs said...

Hi Anne-Marie! Yes, I find Stacey to be truly inspiring!